Vince McMahon Apparently Refused Medical Attention After His Beatdown Last Night

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For Hogan, he's been keeping a keen eye on Owens ever seince he first saw him in NXT. It's been a while since Vince has appeared on TV, but his segment with Kevin Owens stole the show on Tuesday night.

Vince McMahon made his triumphant return to WWE television tonight on SmackDown Live, but his triumph was short lived.

When the go ahead was given, Owens gave the 72-year-old McMahon a brutal headbutt, which caused the veteran wrestling promoter to bleed immediately from his forehead. The meeting notably ended with Owens assaulting McMahon and leaving him a bloody mess. Vince bragged about his record in the court room and ripped on Owens for getting beat up by Shane, then informed Owens he was reinstating his son. In an era in which it's cool for wrestling fans to cheer the bad guys, it's increasingly hard for heels to generate heat, but Owens is the proverbial heat magnet. Even further, Owens now has a match with Shane Mcmahon in a month. I just hope the powers that be in WWE realize the only result that makes sense is Owens winning.

Hogan has showed his support for Kevin Owens in past, and after SmackDown Live he praised Vince McMahon for working with Owens and showing the rest of the crew how to get somebody over.

Shane would be facing Owens in a Hell in a Cell match.

Owens was stared down by Stephanie McMahon after the incident, and having already taken out Vince and with Shane to come at Hell in a Cell, politician and matriarch Linda McMahon may be quaking in her boots at the possible threat from the Canadian villain.