Bungie details the first month of Destiny 2 content

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When players found out that the shaders in the game are now treated as consumables, players are accusing the studio of giving in to the trend of corporate greed that has led so many promising developers down the path of anti-consumerism. PC gamers are being left out of the launch week festivities and won't have a chance to start the game until October 24th, but hopefully this later start means they won't have to deal with as many issues and bugs as console players have had to endure early on. But as positive as the internet's reaction to the game has been, there is one issue that has a significant portion of the community up in arms.

It seems that Destiny 2 shaders are an incentive for players to play more of the game. Each planet has unique armor and Shader rewards.

Destiny 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One. Use a shader once and it will vanish from your inventory. Once Guided Games is ready to go, you will have that as an option as well so pretty much anyone will be able to attempt them. Shaders can also now be bought through microtransactions which further intensified the debate. yet it is also interesting to note that players have reported that they have gotten more shaders in game than they can count, and hence this is a non- issue. Other times, it's you with a headset on, talking to your brother or your old friend from high school you haven't seen in years, just blasting aliens together.

Destiny 2 is out now and while many players are still grinding their way to max level, there's a good amount of players who have reached the end game content and are looking for additional things to do. Guild Wars 2 has cosmetic items called dyes which are virtually identical to Destiny 2's shaders. These items were used to change the color of a character's weapons and armor that players could use as many times as they want.

But apparently, that's not the only case one player said that the game tends to freeze even during the regular gameplay. There are countless ways to handle this system - Bungie picked a bad one. Nightfall Strikes are weekly strikes that feature specific modifiers to up the challenge for you but if you complete it you will come home with some nice rewards.