Boris Johnson praises Anguilla´s `huge effort´ on tour of hurricane-hit island

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Hurricane Irma passed through the British Virgin Islands in the middle of last week.

He is 55-year old Derek Ragnath, formerly of Mahaica Public Road near the police station.

Even from space, the effects of Irma are clearly visible.

The 60 British Virgin Islands suffered catastrophic damage when they found themselves in the direct path of Hurricane Irma and its 185mph winds which caused a 30ft storm surge flooding hundreds of properties near the coast. This media house does not correct any spelling or grammatical error within press releases and commentaries. Many also live in wooden homes that are most vulnerable to a storm.

The Government has denied claims that five times more aid would have been sent to help victims of Hurricane Irma if it had been allowed to use cash from the aid budget.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has praised the response of the community in Anguilla after landing on the island to witness first-hand the devastation unleashed by Hurricane Irma.

Some residents just got back in their homes, and fishermen who lost their boats during that hurricane still hadn't fully recovered when Irma struck. The National Emergency Management Agency plans to begin assessments early next week, but is receiving reports of extensive damage in Ragged Island.

The king took in the damage at Princess Juliana International Airport, named for his grandmother.

"We have maintained and kept law and order on the British Virgin Islands, which at one point could have dramatically threatened the already unfortunate plight of those who have been hit by the hurricane", he continued.

He will be visiting the British Virgin Islands later today.

An unnamed minister told the BBC that strict global rules governing the allocation of the £13 billion overseas aid pot meant British Overseas Territories were not eligible for the cash.

Speaking to the Press Association news agency en route to the Caribbean, Johnson said: "What they're seeing is an unprecedented United Kingdom response, but I want to stress it is not just for the short-term, we are going to be there for the long term as well".

"Mounts Bay was not there by chance".

More British troops are being sent in to help British Overseas Territories affected by the storm.

Jose is not now a threat to the U.S.

The British Virgin Islands' premier, Orlando Smith, said they would need long-term help from the UK: "We are a resilient people but this has shaken us to our core".

"A further 10,000 buckets, 2,500 solar lanterns and 300 shelter kits will be arriving this week on commercial flights", Duncan said.