Irma God: Tesla Gives Temporary Range Boost to Help Owners Flee Hurricane

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Drivers can spend $3,000 to have full access to the batteries, or come September 16, for Florida owners, the batteries will revert.

The electric auto company has unlocked the full power of its electric cars in the Florida region, to help Tesla drivers evacuate the region in the wake of Hurricane Irma. What can be limited electronically can be unlimited electronically, and that's just what Tesla did to help owners of its cars as Hurricane Irma approached them.

The company Tesla has lifted restrictions on the blocking capacity of the battery for the cheaper Model and X60D Model S60 / 60D that could drive on a single charge of about 320 kilometers.

Initially, Tesla made extra battery capacity available to customers for $9,000, but has since dropped the price to $2,000. In other words, drivers who are trying to leave Florida or another evacuation zone are now able to travel up to 40 extra miles before they need to stop and recharge. Cars with the lower 60kWh range, which the company no longer offers, were upgraded to the battery's full 75kWh potential through a software update last week.

Natural disasters often bring out the best in people; strangers help strangers to make the most of a bad situation. But for Tesla, managing variations using software makes sense, given that the company sells only three vehicles now.

The report said Tesla's proprietary charging network includes about 20 Supercharger stations throughout Florida.

Millions of people are now affected by the evacuation of Florida as Hurricane Irma starts reaching the state and creates some hard traffic situation when escaping north.