Mobile Now Offers Subscribers A Free Netflix Subscription

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T-Mobile US Inc. said Wednesday it will offer family-plan subscribers free access to Netflix Inc.'s streaming-video service, the carrier's latest bid to lure wireless customers away from its larger rivals. Chief Executive Officer John Legere announced the offer, an exclusive in the US, in a video Wednesday. If you'd rather sign up for Netflix Premium, which lets you download to four devices simultaneously, T-Mobile will cover the cost, but you'll have to pay the difference through your T-Mobile bill.

The "un-carrier" has partnered with Netflix to offer the streaming service to its customers at no charge. So you'll need to have a T-Mobile One "family" plan with at least two lines - presumably the economics of such a deal only start to work out for the companies when you spread out that cost among multiple people.

New and existing Netflix subscribers can also opt for step-up streaming services, like its $11.99 HD plan, and pay the monthly differential.

T-Mobile made a point to have multiple executives point out that there is "no catch" to the offer during the media event.

Who knows exactly what that means, but if Netflix and T-Mobile are working together that could cause problems for competitors in each industry.

Of course, when it comes to mobile data plans, nothing is quite as simple as it sounds.

To attain that $9.99 worth of a Netflix Standard subscription, 2+ lines of T-Mobile ONE are required.

"Every single family plan gets Netflix", said the cell company's chief operating officer, Mike Sievert. Image source: T-Mobile.

T-Mobile doesn't have contracts any more, so neither you nor T-Mobile are locked into anything. You can associate one Netflix account with each plan, not each line. There's also "HD DVD quality" and upward - which is much more appropriate for the smartphones T-Mobile now offers for sale. I encourage you to get the report now - before the next wave of innovations really take off.