Windows VR's All-In Price Starts At $900

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Windows Mixed Reality bundle will include a headset and motion controllers and HP, DELL, Lenovo, and Acer will launch the PCs, with minimum specs required to run it, later this year.

That pricing is roughly in line with the competition. One of which happens to be that of the Halo series, however it will sport VR capabilities. The overall build quality of the Dell's Mixed Reality device feels better than the other OEM's.

Microsoft is gamely trying change that story.

Windows Mixed Reality PCs will come in two flavours, PCs and laptops with Intel-powered integrated graphics offering VR at 60 frames per second and what are described as Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PCs - that being hardware with discrete graphics cards.

The collaboration on the ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset underscores the strong partnership between ASUS and Microsoft Corp. and their commitment to creating innovative technology and providing high quality and attainable experiences to users.

Microsoft's bid to bring Windows mixed reality to the masses is taking shape with a raft of affordable PCs. Microsoft has just revealed that its own "mixed reality" headsets will be coming to Steam VR.

The upcoming Windows-based Mixed Reality headsets will work with Steam. While the brief experience was novel, it remains hard to see how it could supplant working on a laptop or PC just yet. As it's usually the way things go, we can probably expect those prices to convert to £299 and £399.

Two years after Microsoft unveiled the HoloLens, the company is finally launching its augmented reality headsets.

Setup is pretty simple for the play space and basically just involves grabbing the headset and walking around the borders of your play space so that its cameras can pick up on the space's 3D mesh to make its job of tracking moving forward a bit easier. Beyond portability, Microsoft says set up time is under five minutes.

The Dell Visor HMD is similar to Acer's Mixed Reality HMD, and it's connected to a Windows PC with a single USB Type-C cable. That image includes apps like the online social VR hub Rec Room, the slow-motion ninja simulator Super Hot, and the video-distribution platform Hulu. But the new Microsoft gear really is virtual reality fare. The Vive and the necessary accessories to run it (aside from a computer) sell for $599, and the Oculus Rift ships with controllers for $399.