German male nurse suspected of killing at least 84 with lethal drugs

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A nurse who was convicted of murdering two patients in northern Germany with overdoses of heart medication is believed to have killed at least another 84 people, according to police.

The suspect Niels Hogel was initially jailed for life in 2015 after admitting to killing some 30 people at two clinics.

Police said Monday that investigators exhuming and analyzing more bodies had since found evidence of scores of additional murders.

The resulting evidence suggests that he may have killed at least 84 more people, officials said.

"Eighty-four killings. leave us speechless", Johann Kühme, the Oldenburg police chief, told a press conference.

The fact that the cases go back many years and people may struggle to remember also is a factor, Mr Kuehme said.

Earlier, the murder convict had admitted to injecting patients with drugs that would cause heart failure or circulatory collapse.

After this incident, the authorities exhumed several bodies and found the presence of traces of the drug.

His confession led the police to launch Kardio- a special forensic investigation to determine the cause of death of the patients. "The murder cases could have been prevented", said Kuehme, Police Chief.

Amid the media publicity، a woman then contacted police، voicing suspicion that her deceased mother had also fallen victim to the killer nurse. 40-year-old suspect Niels Högel is already serving a lifetime prison sentence for two further counts of murder and now, the local law enforcement is investigating his involvement in the deaths of dozens of additional patients.

The murderer confessed that he would bring patients to the brink of death before attempting to revive them in order to look like a savior in front of his colleagues.