Cavaliers, Celtics face Wednesday deadline on Kyrie Irving trade

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Both of these teams will need to figure this out, but Cleveland shouldn't be making too many demands after the original deal that was made.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowki reported on Sportscenter that the Cavaliers are asking about Jayson Tatum and second-year wing Jaylen Brown. The Cavaliers are anxious about Thomas' hip and that's why the trade with the Celtics is on hold.

According to ESPN, all players involved in the trade must undergo physicals by 10 a.m. Wednesday and the deadline to pass is 10 a.m. Thursday, although the Cavs and Celtics could agree to an extension.

The results of Thomas' physical have given the Cavaliers pause - enough so that voiding the trade is one option, though that would be the nuclear choice in this blockbuster deal.

Kyrie's departure gives additional security to the Cavaliers' future should LeBron James chose to leave Cleveland next year.

Many Celtics fans found have disappointed that Boston traded away the prized point guard, including a child who asked about Thomas during an event Friday.

Next year, Isaiah becomes an unrestricted free agent and is expecting his first huge payout.

A total of seven 2017 all-stars have switched teams since the all-star game once West selection DeMarcus Cousins and Gordon Hayward are taken into account, though Cousins' trade happened while the 2016-17 season was still going on.

Several other factors come into play when considering how much Cleveland should ask for.

With Irving or Thomas leading the way in Boston, the Celtics would still be underdogs against Cleveland in a playoff series. That would leave the team without its top two stars and just Crowder, Zizic and the Brooklyn pick as the return for Irving, plunging the Cavaliers into an uncertain future. "But Boston still has a war chest of future first-round picks of their own, and some picks they control from other teams, and Cleveland is going to try to get one more of those to finalise this deal", the National Basketball Association insider told SportsCenter on Sunday. The Cavs and Celtics have incentive to make it work even if one team is a little less happy about the outcome of the deal. It's possible the Cavaliers believe Thomas will miss more games than Boston did.