Armed Man Attacked Military Personnel in the Center of Brussels

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Belgian soldiers who shot an attacker attempting to stab them did not exceed their right to self-defense, the Brussels prosecutor's office said Saturday. In Brussels, one soldier was wounded in the face and another suffered a hand injury before the suspect was shot, the BBC reported.

Based on the descriptions provided by the spokeswoman, the assault bore the hallmarks of the terror attacks conducted by Takfiri terrorists. He later died in hospital.

"The officers acted very quickly to detain him", the police's official statement said.

The crisis centre said in a tweet late on Friday the "situation is under control".

After witnessing today's attack, Ryan MacDonald wrote on Twitter: 'Sound of gunshot, heavy police presence outside on Boulevard Emile Jacqmain, Brussels'.

Images showed police had sealed off a main street near the main Grand Place tourist attraction.

Charles Michel, the Belgian Prime Minister, said he was "following the situation closely" after Friday's attack.

"We do consider it a terror attack", Natus said.

Less than two hours later, three British police officers were slightly injured while arresting a man in a vehicle outside Buckingham Palace in London.

The prosecutors said they would make a final ruling once the results of an autopsy on the suspect and ballistic tests are known.

Already on high alert, the country tightened security further in June after a failed suicide bombing by a man who shouted "Allahu Akbar" at a Brussels train station.

Another suspect attacked a police officer, with a sword.

A man wielding a knife was shot dead after wounding a soldier in Brussels in an "attempted terrorist murder" while, in London, counter-terror experts were investigating a similar attack on police near Buckingham Palace.