New Quinnipiac Poll: Trump is dividing the country

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Sixty-eight percent of registered voters said Trump's actions and rhetoric "could get us accidentally involved in an worldwide conflict", while 29 percent disagreed with that statement, the poll found.

The George Washington University poll found that 71 percent of voters had that view of Trump's comportment in office, while 27 percent disagreed that his behavior was not what they expected. Meanwhile, nine in 10 Democrats say they think Trump encouraged white supremacists with his comments and behavior - nearly two-thirds of Democrats say he did so intentionally.

President Trump gets a negative 35 - 59 percent overall job approval rating, down from a negative 39 - 57 percent rating in an August 17 survey by the independent Quinnipiac University.

Republicans, white voters with no college and white men approve of the job of the president.

"The Battleground Poll data show that more Americans object to President Trump's character than his agenda", said GW Associate Professor of Political Management Michael Cornfield.

Two percent say it has decreased and 32% say it hasn't changed.

Sixty-eight percent of those polled said they concur that Trump's "words and actions could get us accidentally involved in an global conflict".

"Idiot" is the first word for 59 voters.

American voters disapprove by 55% of the way the news media covers Mr Trump, and disapprove by 62% of the way the president talks about the media.

Almost seven in 10 voters think President Donald Trump's behavior could accidentally embroil the an "international conflict", according to the latest George Washington University battleground poll.

On the subject of tweeting, 69 percent of voters think President Trump should stop tweeting from his personal account.