Mel B Throws Water on Simon Cowell During America's Got Talent

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Heidi Klum weighed in on the feud between her fellow America's Got Talent judges Mel B and Simon Cowell in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

Mel B is now going through a divorce from Stephen Belafonte, who she was married to for almost ten years, Us Weekly shares.

Drama started when an escape artist Demian Aditya performed his act at the ongoing America's Got Talent show, and Simon shared his critique, saying, "I kind of think it will be like Mel B's wedding night", he shared.

Cowell's joke drew a comical response from Mel B, who initially laughed - but that didn't last long, and she picked up the cup of water in front of her and threw it at Cowell.

"So, tonight's live show was three m's: mishaps, mess-ups and mistakes", show host Tyra Banks told The Associated Press after the episode. The "Spice Girls" member told AP that her co-judge just said something annoying, that made her throw water at him.

This is not the first time Brown and Cowell have butted heads on the set of "America's Got Talent".

As we previously reported, Mel and Stephen have been embroiled in some serious drama after she filed for divorce in March.

Mel B's co-star Howie Mandell said, "Something just went wrong". The two have one child together, and Mel B has two other children from previous relationships. The coffin did not drop the way it was supposed to and all of the judges were left unimpressed, and that's when Simon made his mean joke.

Former child star Johnny Manuel ("Little Johnny), 28, went all-in with his rendition of the talent show staple "And I Am Telling You" from Dreamgirls, which Cowell thought redeemed earlier appearances".