Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition announced for mobile devices

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Though, it made a move long before it knew Final Fantasy XV would be received well, as development began a full two years ago. Starting tomorrow, fans who pre-order the game from the PlayStation Store will receive a custom MONSTER OF THE DEEP: FINAL FANTASY XV dynamic theme and in-game Samurai Outfit.

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy 15 will be coming to mobile with a fantastic Pocket Edition. This question is usually followed by inevitable disappointment in the case of AAA games and major franchises, but a combination of a reveal trailer and a hint from Hajime Tabata at Gamescom 2017 this morning indicate that Final Fantasy XV, at any rate, may get at least some connection to the Switch.

Pocket Edition will be a miniaturised version of the original title, retelling the story of Noctis and co. with its own unique and adorable chibi-ish art style reminiscent of the Final Fantasy Theatrhythm games.

As for the other three, we expect to get used to how they look a bit more easily. There's another certain console out there people may be thinking of. "Twitch. Everyone on the FFXV team loves this specific console that sounds a lot like Twitch, so you may want to think about something like that in the future". True to their promise, Square Enix are trying to go all out on trying to make the PC version of the game the "ultimate" version- and if you need more convincing, maybe this new video will do the trick. There is just one console, and it is Nintendo SWITCH. Yes, you read it right.