Google Pixel 2 sports 'Active Edge' sides: FCC filing

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Although this has not been officially confirmed yet, a recent FCC filing reveals that the upcoming Google Pixel 2 features squeezable sides. The inclusion of "Active Edge" also gives a strong hint that HTC will be making this year's Pixel smartphones as well.

This is pretty interesting considering the fact that Android O's final Developer Preview 4 is still on 8.0.0, suggesting that the Pixel 2 will be ahead of the pack at launch itself. The Pixel devices should be the first to run Android 8.0, giving Google an edge over its competitors.

As per the FCC listing (via Reddit), Google Pixel 2 series is confirmed to be manufactured by Taiwan-based HTC, which built the first-generation Pixel models previous year. They are internally known as Taimen (Pixel XL 2) and Walleye (Pixel 2). This would mean that the Taiwanese manufacturer is bringing the technology behind the touch-sensitive frame it used in its own U11 flagship smartphone, and that the default action for it will be triggering the Google Assistant (the feature is expected to be present on the larger Pixel 2 XL, too). When combined with other reports, we end up with a list of the 5 reasons you should not buy any other phone and instead wait for the release of the Pixel 2.

Android 8.0 will bring also bring support for Bluetooth 5.0 technologies, which is now rumoured to hit HTC's U11 smartphones.

The Pixel 2 screenshots (via Android Police) also showed the device was running Android 8.0.1 and featured the navigation bar found on first-generation Pixel.

The Pixel 2 will likely come with 64GB of internal storage, since the screenshot shows there is 50.66GB of storage free and 21 per cent has been used. The feature let users open different apps, click images and more just by squeezing the device.

The listing on FCC also mentions the processor to expect under the hood of the Google Pixel 2. This year as well, the Pixel devices are expected to debut in October.