Venezuela's Top Court Orders Opposition Mayor Jailed

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Diplomatic representatives of 12 countries in the Americas and the Caribbean subscribed a text under the title Declaration of Lima, stating that Venezuela "is no longer a democracy" and the fraudulent National Constituent Assembly imposed by the leadership of chavismo is "illegitimate ". "We are looking for ways to coexist".

The constituent Assembly, which serve for two years, began the household among the critics, dismissing the prosecutor general Luisa Ortega, has become in recent months fierce opponent of the president, and replace it with a true power.

ANC President Delcy Rodriguez will preside over the commission. In Venezuela, forgiveness so far is not on offer.

Opposition parties face a rapidly approaching deadline to decide whether they will take part in regional elections scheduled for December.

"The worldwide pressure (...) is necessary for that in Venezuela there is a political change", said Luis Florido, chief of the commission on foreign policy of the Parliament of venezuela. In May, Maduro widened its powers to investigate political attacks in 2017, a lot of them aimed at his government.

Since the installation of the Constituent Assembly last Friday, Congress and the new legislative body has shared the Legislative Palace - working in different halls.

Diosdado Cabello, a political strongman, member of the new assembly and supporter of Maduro, said this week that the truth commission would be an instrument to advance the ruling party's goals.

Opposition lawmaker Delsa Solorzano says the goal of the truth commission is to "persecute those who think differently". Government officials have said anti-regime protesters were responsible for criminal violence fomented by opposition leaders. The court also ordered an investigation into another prominent Caracas-area mayor, David Smolansky, on the same accusations.

The foreign ministers of 17 Western Hemisphere nations met in Peru to discuss how to force Maduro to back down.

Peru's president has been vocal in rejecting the new Venezuelan assembly, but the region has had trouble agreeing on collective actions.

"Viva the true Venezuelans, not those interested and involved with the political right".

In a document released after a meeting of seven hours in the peruvian capital, they gave their "full support and (their) solidarity" to the Parliament, controlled by the opposition.

Washington said the new Constituent Assembly, which was sworn in on August 4, was created "through an undemocratic process instigated by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government to subvert the will of the Venezuelan people".

In the aftermath, the venezuelan president has proposed a "regional dialogue" with these countries in order, according to him, to "restore the standards of respect for worldwide law".

As the number of deaths continues to rise on the streets of Caracas, Nicolas Maduro threatens to unleash a ruthless army, if the protesters will attempt to overthrow the government, writes The Guardian. At least 124 people have been killed and hundreds more injured or detained during the protests.