Fans sue Usher over sexual battery and fraud

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Sharpton held a press conference with celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom where she stated Usher pursued her following a concert, and they then supposedly had unprotected sex.

Up until this point, Usher's camp hasn't said much about the rumor, but according to TMZ, he's breaking his silence.

Usher, however, might have picked Sharpton out of the crowd at his concert and danced with Quantasia onstage because according to the sources who spoke with TMZ, Usher "looks to bring a diverse group of people up onstage, not just supermodels". One of her clients is a man who said he had oral sex with the star with no warning about his STD. She has since tested negative for herpes. That's when Usher allegedly told his people to get Sharpton's phone number -- according to Quantasia -- and later had sex with Sharpton. She was told that Usher had seen her backstage and asked for her number.

At least we can say this: Usher was kind in his denial that he had sexual relations with Sharpton. The other two people are only known as Jane and John Doe.

Usher has not responded publicly to any of the lawsuits alleging he exposed sexual partners to herpes.

New York Marine and General Insurance Company executives explain they will cover the costs of Usher's defense in the Georgia case, unless a judge decides they can be excused over the cited coverage clause.

The controversy surrounding Usher's herpes scandal continues to unfold with more people making claims that the superstar R&B artist gave them the STD.

Sharpton became a mother a year ago and has tested negative for herpes, according to Bloom, who said one of the other two plaintiffs does have herpes. In the court filing, the insurance company said it is not obligated to defend him in a lawsuit filed in Georgia. "My left stroke just went viral", he raps.