The HBO Hackers Got at Least Some of the Network's Emails

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Hackers who have leaked scripts and an episode from hit HBO show Game Of Thrones (GoT) have reportedly demanded a ransom.

In an internal email to the staff, Plepler claimed last week: "Many people have expressed particular concern about our e-mail system".

Those behind the HBO hack claim to have more data, including scripts, upcoming episodes of HBO shows and movies, and information damaging to HBO. The dump sits at 3.4 gigabytes of information-a sample of the 1.5 terabytes the hackers claim they have stolen.

The hacker group that took credit for breaking into HBO's computer systems reportedly released new documents on Monday, including marketing materials and emails of an HBO executive.

The message was delivered as a video letter to HBO chief executive Richard Plepler, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

To show they mean business, the television network have called in the FBI to investigate the data breach in which hackers claim to have lifted 1.5 terabytes of data after breaking into HBO's computer network.

On top of this, the hackers are now demanding a ransom from HBO, threatening to release additional data they allegedly obtained. "So make a wise decision!" the hackers" letter sent to HBO read.

Just a week following the first reports that HBO had become the victim of a major hacking scandal, the cyber criminals are back at it again.

One document appears to contain the confidential cast list for Game of Thrones, listing personal telephone numbers and email addresses for actors such as Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey and Emilia Clark. To stop the leaks, the purported hackers demanded "our 6 month salary in bitcoin", which they implied is at least US$6 million. So consider us another budget for your advertisements'. However, the network admitted that further leaks are likely to follow after the upcoming episodes for the "Game of Thrones" were leaked.