Facebook tries to combat fake news

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The company said it has created a software algorithm to point out possible suspicious stories and direct them to third-party fact checkers.

Facebook has released an update about its fight against fake news. The related articles will be viewable before users click on the posted story and may include additional reports on the same topic from different sources or articles by third-party fact checkers. To that end, Su said Facebook will continue to test its "related article" feature to provide further context to the stories users see on their news feeds.

Facebook said this section assists users to "determine whether the news they are reading is misleading or false".

Facebook has also rolled out a new feature in four countries (initially the USA, the Netherlands, Germany and France) that will publish alternative news links beneath questionable articles. If the fact-checkers review the post and write a story debunking it or giving context, that post may appear below the original content on Facebook's news feed, according to a company blog post.

Now, officials are moving forward with the latter initiative and rolling it out more broadly. Earlier this year, Facebook added articles in this section that provided people easier access to additional perspectives and information, including articles by third-party fact checkers.

Now Facebook has revealed it is expanding the feature to a wider audience, as well as applying "updated machine learning" to detect what it called "potential hoaxes". One viral hoax, for example, claimed that the Pope had endorsed Trump.