Justice Department to Sue Over Affirmative Action in College Admissions

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What's more, it seems that this push would involve the front office, where political appointees work, rather than the actual Educational Opportunities Section, which is run by career civil servants who normally handle the work related to education.

The NAACP, the country's original and largest social justice organization denounces the U.S. Department of Justice's plans to investigate and sue higher education institutions whose admission policies promote the inclusion of people of color.

According to the New York Times, critics and supporters of affirmative action agree the project is targeting admissions program that give minorities, like black and Latino students, an edge over applicants with comparable or higher test scores.

While the document doesn't specifically identify white college applicants or students as its chief concern, it does target "intentional race-based discrimination" in admissions processes modified by affirmative action.

Upon the news Tuesday evening, commentators online expressed their disagreement with the Justice Department's upcoming project, asserting that it played into unfounded and debunked ideas held by white Americans that minority groups receive widespread preferential treatment and financial assistance for college because of their race.

Sarah Isgur Flores, the Justice Department's spokeswoman, would neither confirm nor deny the move to PEOPLE.

Affirmative action in the USA has roots as far back as the 1940s-and court cases have regularly been raised against it ever since. In 2012, Lambda joined with other civil rights groups to urge the Supreme Court to uphold the University of Texas at Austin's use of race to advance diversity, joining in the filing of a friend-of-the-court brief as well as educating and creating visibility among its members on the importance of affirmative action policies.

The Times, because they had to, went and got a quote from Roger Clegg, who is an old racist fool a former official in the civil rights division and now the head of the Center for Equal Opportunity.

According to the Times, the document obtained by the paper consisted of an internal announcement to the civil rights division of the Justice Department.

Clarke noted that this isn't the first time Attorney General Jeff Sessions has tried to curtail affirmative action policies.

The New York Times reported Monday that the U.S. Department of Justice is preparing to take action against universities over affirmative action policies.

"And this is the next and the more profound stage of the battle for civil rights".

At America's elite private colleges, many of which have drawn criticism over race-conscious admission policies, incoming classes have become increasingly diverse in recent years.

In fact the primary victims of race-based college admissions are people of Asian descent, occupying a place that Jews used occupy in campus admissions discrimination.