What you need to know about animals and the eclipse

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This is the first total eclipse to cross the entire United States since 1918.

The best place to view the eclipse is in SC in the path of totality. The umbra is when total blockage of light occurs, while the penumbra is when only a portion of the moon blocks the sun's light.

Q: Where can I see it?

A partial eclipse will be visible everywhere across the nation as well as in the hours before and after a far shorter total eclipse, which will only be visible for 2-3 minutes along a 67-mile wide path from OR to SC.

This is such a pretty solar eclipse ring that doesn't hit you over the head with SUN! and MOON!

Q: What can I see from Cortez? Everyone else in the United States will be able to see a partially blocked sun.

The Cliffs, a compilation of seven vibrant communities in Greenville (homes are priced from around $350,000 to more than $6 million), is ideally oriented for optimal eclipse viewing. Naturally, though, there are already sketchy retailers out there peddling counterfit eclipse-watching gear, that might not appropriately protect your vision.

If your glasses check all the boxes, then you should be safe to watch the total eclipse. Special eclipse glasses should be used, which are generally cheap and widely available.

For those who haven't yet booked a trip to see the total solar eclipse later this month, Airbnb has a contest you're going to want to enter.

At the moment of totality, you can look directly at the sun without any protective eyewear. Do not look at your hands, but at the shadow of your hands on the ground. The sun's surface is so bright that if you stare at any portion of it, no matter how small, it produces enough light to permanently damage your retina. Craig Linde will explain how to safely observe the eclipse using tools such as filters. But do grab astronomer-approved solar glasses in advance because staring at the sun is always unsafe. According to Nasa, the eclipse can be photographed using a smartphone. They will also show the NASA live stream of the eclipse, documenting the progress of the eclipse as it makes its way across the country.

Q: How rare is this event? You don't have to be in the path of totality to participate.

During a total eclipse, the moon passes fully in front the of the sun and the star is fully obscured, much like Sean Spicer sitting next to Ryan Gosling when the maestro cues up a ladies' choice dance. Because, like so many other naturally occurring phenomena, they won't last forever. Carbondale, Illinois, will be in the crosshairs once again.