Fox News, New York Times Tussle Over ISIS Raid Report

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The New York Times called out "Fox & Friends" over the claim the newspaper foiled a plan to kill Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The newspaper has claimed that the report is both "malicious and inaccurate". "Their sick agenda over National Security".

The Pentagon announced the raid the day after it happened, and it was widely reported - including by Herridge, who said on "Fox News Sunday" on May 17 that "a treasure trove of information" was gathered.

The Times has become a favorite Trump target despite his penchant for reaching out to the daily, including this week, when he gave its reporters a major interview in which he criticized his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"For all of their hyperventilating to the media about a correction, the New York Times didn't reach out to anyone at Fox News until Sunday afternoon for a story that ran Friday night", a spokesperson for the network told CNNMoney. President Donald Trump comments on the "Fox & Friends" segment in a tweet on Saturday. She said Baghdadi would have known about the capture from the Pentagon's announcement, not the Times story that ran three weeks after the raid.

On Monday morning, the TV network once again spoke about the issue, saying, "The Times described its 2015 reporting to the Pentagon before publication and they had no objections, and no senior American officials have ever complained publicly, until now".

In response, the Times sent Fox News a lengthy letter explaining that it would have been hard for al-Baghdadi to have been tipped off by its story since the raid Thomas described occurred on May 16, 2015, and the Times story didn't run until June 8, which even "Fox & Friends" hosts should be able to figure out is three weeks later.

Rhoades Ha said no one from Fox contacted the Times for comment before Herridge's piece was published.

"It's not just failing in its credibility", co-host Pete Hegseth said Saturday.

The New York Times called for an apology from Fox News' Fox & Friends program in an open letter Sunday. To ensure his safety, specially entrusted drivers pick up each of the emirs and demand that they hand over their cellphones and any other electronic devices to avoid inadvertently disclosing their location through tracking by American intelligence, the officials said.

"According to the curious logic of the Fox & Friends host, Fox News itself was unpatriotic", she added. "If you want to read the entire statement, it is posted on".

The report referenced comments made by the head of the United States Special Operations Command Gen.

The drama begins with this article, published by the Times on May 8, 2015. General Thomas said exactly what Fox reported.