Street Fighter V's New Challenger Could Crush Cars with His Arms

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That announcement is regarding the game's next Season 2 character and, as has been promised throughout the year, it is indeed a brand new character to the Street Fighter series. As seen in the recently rolled out trailer, Abigail is roughly about twice the height of Ed. Akuma came back with a lion's mane, the cold queen Kolin entered the heat of battle, Ed was transformed from feeble lad to bonafide boxer, and now Abigail joining Street Fighter 5 roster.

Based on the video, below, Abigail looks like a slow-moving grappler, with moves that absorb attacks from his opponents and what looks like parry.

The Street Fighter V Abigail appears to be a massive bruiser, and is apparently the largest character that the fighting game franchise has ever seen.

Abigail originates from the classic 1989 beat 'em up Final Fight, in which he plays the role of the final boss of the second-to-last stage. Further, there is something ridiculous about his character, and he is seen driving an imaginary vehicle as part of his introduction. For players who do not want to buy the pass but would like to unlock Abigail as a playable character, there is an option to purchase the new fighter by using the currency collected in-game. He has since locked down the Bay Area of Metro City and terrorizes it with his huge size. The costumes will be available on PlayStation 4 and Steam starting July 25 and will cost $3.99 each.