Donald Trump urges West to 'defend civilisation' in Warsaw speech

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Presiden Trump addressed a large crowd in Warsaw Thursday, where he promised to stand firmly behind NATO's Article 5, defending Poland and other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, after refusing to endorse that language in May. On the eve of what is likely to be a prickly G20 summit, with Trump facing animosity from traditional United States allies, he will use a landmark address in Warsaw to warn that a lack of collective resolve could doom an alliance that endured through the Cold War.

"The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive", he said, one of almost a dozen times that he invoked the idea of "will" during the course of the approximately 40-minute speech.

A viral video (and GIFs) apparently show President Donald Trump being "rejected" by Poland's first lady, some media outlets have claimed.

"North Korea - we'll take care of it, folks; we're going to take care of it all", Trump told reporters February 16 at a press conference.

Trump also congratulated Poland for receiving its first shipment of liquefied natural gas from the U.S. "We are sitting on massive energy, and we are now exporters of energy, so if one of you need energy, just give us a call", Trump said.

Speaking to the Polish people in Warsaw Thursday morning, President Donald Trump reaffirmed USA commitments to Europe and promised to work together with allies to defend the values of family, freedom, country, and God.

Trump arrives in Warsaw on Wednesday night. "While we will always welcome new citizens who share our values and love our people, our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism of any kind", he said. "Personally, I picked up nothing, but that's all right", he said.

And although he spoke in Krasinski Square, where a monument commemorates the 1944 Warsaw uprising against the Nazis, he skipped a visit to a museum devoted to a 1943 uprising by Jews who had been forced into a ghetto.

Following scepticism previously voiced by Trump about the military alliance, Poles were eager to hear him clearly commit in Warsaw to NATO's Article Five, which states that an attack on one member of the military alliance is viewed as an attack on all. Trump also has yet to nominate a director of the National Park Service. We're going to get it to stop. I think it could very well have been Russian Federation. At several points he was interrupted with chants of "Don-ald Trump!"