Trump Calls Out Chicago Crime 'Epidemic' Ahead Of New Task Force Announcement

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Because of "crime and killings" now at "epidemic proportions", President Trump has sent the feds into Chicago, he tweeted Friday morning.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, speaking Friday on the Fox News Channel's morning show, "Fox & Friends", said the Justice Department is "sending in additional gun investigators" to Chicago and that he has urged the USA attorney's office to prosecute gun cases aggressively.

Chicago Police Department officials planned a news conference Friday afternoon to announce the permanent expansion of the Chicago bureau of the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

The new set of agents will work with counterparts from the Chicago Police Department and Illinois State Police on a strike force to solve shootings and arrest gun traffickers, according to the Sun-Times.

The pace of murders in Chicago is on track with figures from previous year, which was the city's deadliest in two decades.

On January 24, 2017-just days after his inauguration-Trump addressed the "carnage" in Chicago, pledging to "send in the feds" if local leaders could not stem the tide of violence. "Last year, more than 4,300 Chicagoans were shot, and more than 700 were killed-the deadliest year in two decades".

"But the progress CPD (Chicago Police Department) has made this year has happened without any of the new resources from the federal government we requested". Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office acknowledged that an additional 20 ATF agents have been sent to Chicago.

President Trump tweeted Friday that he is "sending in Federal help" to fight gun violence in Chicago. And this week, police officials said the A.T.F. was stationing a mobile ballistics lab in the city for part of the summer, the season when violence here traditionally peaks. So-called "sanctuary" policies tie the hands of law enforcement by rejecting common sense and undermining federal laws that would remove criminal, illegal aliens from the streets and remove them from this country.

The team will pay special attention to rounding up repeat offenders.

"The Trump Administration will not let the bloodshed go on; we can not accept these levels of violence", Sessions said in a statement on Friday afternoon. That federal help, it turns out, is in the form of 20 ATF agents.