Irish FM welcomes agreement between Conservative party, DUP

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"I note that the agreement provides DUP support for British government legislation on Brexit", Coveney said in a statement.

After two weeks of discussions, the DUP Leader Arlene Foster arrived at Downing Street shortly after 10.30am this morning, and the deal between the two parties was announced soon after.

In 2012, the DUP strongly condemned the Irish boycott movement against Israeli products from Judea and Samaria.

The £1 billion will be given to Northern Ireland in a block grant for specific projects, meaning that the agreement will not affect the Barnett formula, which decides how to fairly share out money across the UK's devolved governments. The result was 12-274 in favor of supporters of the Palestinian state.

"We've all got an interest in Northern Ireland becoming as prosperous, as safe as we are in England".

"The content of the confidence and supply agreement between the Conservative Party and the DUP is primarily a matter for those two parties".

"If this Government can hand out £1 billion to Northern Ireland in times of such austerity then I would ask on behalf of the people of Wales, where is the £1.7 billion which is now so evidently our right?"

Under a "supply and confidence" arrangement meant to last for the full Parliament, the DUP guarantees that its 10 MPs will vote with the Government on the Queen's Speech, the Budget, and legislation relating to Brexit and national security.

Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon has condemned the £1 billion Tory-DUP deal as "the worst kind of pork barrel politics".

On June 21, the GB edition carried the headline, 'Now even the crackpots can't work with May, ' but ran with a different page one story in Northern Ireland.

"For years the Tories have been cutting budgets and services, but suddenly they have found a magic money tree to help them stay in power", he said.

It applauded the government for recognising the need to "examine how Northern Ireland's businesses are impacted by the UK's high rates of tourism Value-Added Tax".

The talks between the two parties happened after the country's snap election in which May's party fell eight seats short of the 326 majority, noted the BBC News.

"In terms of the Northern Ireland executive, of course we are determined to see it back in place as soon as possible as well, because we believe we need a strong voice for Northern Ireland when dealing not least with the Brexit issue".

It allows for a review of the aims of the deal at any time by mutual consent, and also at the end of each parliamentary session.