Boxer who was in critical condition after fight is dead, family says

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From early in the first round it was clear that Braidwood had the upper hand and Hague was rocked and sent to the canvas several times before he was finally knocked out cold in the second round.

The 33-year-old Hague, who grew up on a farm in Boyle, Alta., was a former UFC fighter where he was known as "The Thrashing Machine".

He was able to get back to his feet and stumble backstage, but fell seriously ill just minutes later and was rushed to hospital.

Jackie Neil said in a brief emailed statement on Saturday that her brother, Tim Hague, is in critical condition. After being evaluated backstage, Hague was transported to the hospital.

"The 6ft 4", 265lb Hague joined the UFC in 2009 after compiling a solid 9-1 record and would instantly rack up a submission win over Pat Barry, but his time in the Octagon is most remembered for his next fight, when he suffered a brutal seven second KO loss to Todd Duffee.

"Tim remains in critical condition".

Tim is now in a coma. "We will miss him with so greatly", the statement reads.

Neil said in her statement that Hague's immediate family is now with him, and that they are asking for prayers and privacy at this terrible and hard time.

Cody Krahn, a good friend of Hague's, said the fighter underwent emergency surgery to "relieve pressure from his brain bleeding".

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight competed in a boxing bout against Adam Braidwood last night (June 16).

The tragedy has happened only a months before Conor McGregor swaps UFC for boxing when he fights Floyd Mayweather. His overall MMA record stands at 21 wins and 13 losses. Prior to the Braidwood contest he had won one and lost two.