Rule gives Oregonians non-gender option on driver's license

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OR is showing its pride this month!

On Thursday, Oregon became the first state to create a non-binary gender marker on drivers licenses. This is a huge advancement in LGBTQ+ rights, and perhaps, most notably following this ruling is that no doctor's note is required for a switch in ID to gender X.

While Oregon is the first state in the recognize non-binary residents on IDs, this idea isn't new, according to Julie Rodriquez, communications manager of Basic Rights Oregon.

The step forward was prompted after, last June, a judge decided that OR resident Jamie Shupe (in the photo above) had the legal right to identify as non-binary.

"Gender identity refers to a person's internal sense of being male, female, or something else", according to the American Psychological Association.

The new rule came about after an OR resident's court order authorized a sex change from female to "non-binary".

Governor Kate Brown, who is out as bi and who signed the bill into law, made history past year when she became the first out LGB person to win election as governor of a USA state.

The stats show that the number of people who don't consider themselves part of the gender binary is increasing. "This was always the right thing to do all along", he added.

Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles officials say they received little opposition to the change, which they first announced plans to carry out last summer.

OR has officially become the first state to add a gender-neutral option to driver's licenses. Several countries, including Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal and Bangladesh have acknowledged the need to recognize non-binary genders for years. The state Senate is considering a bill that would allow residents to identify as non-binary on all official state issued documents, including birth certificates.

OR officials said they got little opposition to the change at a public hearing or in comments. Judge Amy Holmes Hen ruled that "The sex of Jamie Shupe is hereby changed from female to non-binary".

'I've trembled with the fear of failure and cried tears until I had no more tears to cry, because of the magnitude of what's been at stake-and now won, ' Shupe tells NBC News.

Gender identity has become a major flashpoint across the U.S. in places like North Carolina, which passed a bill forcing students to use toilets according to the sex listed on their birth certificates.