Cops can't find two "dangerous beyond description" Georgia fugitives

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Two Georgia inmates who are as "dangerous beyond description" and wanted in connection with the deaths of two guards on a prison bus were spotted in Tennessee.

The prisoners breached a protective gate on the bus to reach the officers at the front of the bus, before disarming and killing them both, the sheriff's office said.

Authorities were pleading with the public to look out for the stolen 2008 white Ford F250 pickup truck with the Georgia tag BCX-5372. Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills said he doesn't know how the inmates were able to overpower the officers and kill them.

Sills calls Rowe and Dubose "two serious, dangerous, vicious hoodlums". David LeValley, agent in charge of the FBI's Atlanta office, told reporters that "we are expanding, not shrinking, our effort to find these individuals".

The corrections officers killed have been identified as 42-year-old Christopher Monica and 58-year-old Curtis Billue.

"It's very frustrating", Sills said. "Sills said investigators were trying to determine how the killers got out of the cage and into the driver's compartment, "USA Today writes".

"They are risky beyond description", Sills added.

Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner Greg Dozier said the loss of the two officers has caused him "pain and anguish that began in the toes of my feet and went up to my heart".

Authorities then chased the fugitives until they crashed their vehicle, Emmett said.

Authorities urged the public to be vigilant, and warned against approaching them.

"They have known each other for quite a while", Myrick said.

The pair shared a cell while in prison, but authorities say they can't be certain if that is where they hatched their escape plan.

Since Tuesday, law enforcement officials said they'd tracked Dubose and Rowe to a rural home, which they broke into while the owners were away.

"If somebody is helping them and we identify who they are, they will be prosecuted as parties to this crime", Sills said. Monica had been with the Georgia Department of Corrections since October 2009 and Billue since July 2007.

Rowe, 43, was serving a life sentence for armed robbery and a weapons possession in 2001. Rowe is from Lewisberg, Tenn., about 20 miles west of Shelbyville.

Corrections officials can not say for sure they did not plan this escape, although they stress the two should not have known they were being transferred Tuesday morning. Both were convicted of armed robbery and other violent crimes, and they've been cellmates a couple of times in Georgia's prisons.