Iran blames United States for creation of Daesh, regional instability

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Khamenei said the USA and its allies' engagement in the Middle East to fight terrorism is a "lie" and referred to them as "the source of instability in the Middle East".

Two separate attacks shocked Tehran on June 7, leaving 17 dead and 54 injured. "We condemn terrorist attacks anywhere they occur and we condemn the killing of the innocent anywhere it occurs", he said.

On Tuesday, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif referred to those remarks by the Saudi officials and called them a "direct threat and very risky provocation" by Riyadh. Major General Mostafa Izadi, deputy chief of staff of Iran's armed forces, said Sunday that the government in Tehran had "documents and information" showing Washington's support of the extremist Sunni Islamist group. During the Barack Obama era, Iran enjoyed the opportunity to fill the vacuum in the Middle East after the White House abandoned its traditional allies, like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

During a Tuesday meeting on the sidelines of the Oslo Forum, Zarif and Ivo Stier highlighted the significance of enhanced bilateral ties between Tehran and Zagreb.

Iran's Foreign Minister tweeted in response that Trump's comments were "repugnant".

Urging the U.S. administration to revise its approach to the deal, repeatedly decried by Trump as the "worst deal ever negotiated", the top Iranian diplomat argued that in the long run the U.S. "will find it necessary to abide by the deal", as cited by Iran Front Page News.

According to the Al Arabiya report, number 12 on the Saudi list of terrorists is a man responsible for the funding of terrorist organizations in Yemen.

He added: "The US must know that the Islamic Republic will not back down from positions such as battling oppression and defending Palestine and will spare no efforts towards defending the people's rights".

He also told high-ranking Iranian officials that "America's claim of fighting against Islamic State is a lie", Reuters reports, while in an interview with Iranian media, he said the usa regarded his country as an enemy.

Commenting on the statement at the time, Zarif called it "repugnant" and slammed a new round of USA sanctions against Iran recently approved by Senate.