Samus Returns Screenshots — Amazing Metroid

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If music isn't one's beat, then the pair of Samus Returns amiibo should make for nice bonuses to grab alongside the game as well.

If interested, be sure to also check out more of our E3 2017 coverage! If that's the case, it could be some time before we see Metroid Prime 4 actually hit the Switch. Though it may not release for more than a year, here's are wishlist for features we want in a Pokemon Nintendo Switch game. The latest entry in the Metroid Prime series won't be developed by Retro Studios (responsible for the first three titles), but retains Nintendo Producer Kensuke Tanabe, part of the Metroid Prime trilogy team.

The news was unveiled by The Pokemon Company's Tsunekazu Ishihara, but little else was shown. Last year, an excellent fan-made reimagining called AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) was released and promptly cease-and-desisted by Nintendo's eager legal department.

Samus Returns Screenshots — Amazing Metroid
Samus Returns Screenshots — Amazing Metroid

The game is scheduled to launch on 15 September and hopes to bring back "the feel of the classic adventures, but with improved graphics and new abilities".

So far nothing is known about the game. It features gameplay from the Trial of the Sword, the new Master Mode difficulty, and plenty of new armor including Majora's Mask. Functionality details will be revealed at a later date. This includes Mario and Luigi hats for your cars. Meanwhile, watch the announcement trailer below if you haven't done so already. And that will mean nothing but good news to long-standing fans of the series.

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