Samsung Leak: A New Massive Galaxy Note 8 Coming Late 2017

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been priced at Rs 57,900, while the U11 is expected to retail around the Rs 55k mark when it finally finds its way into Indian shores. The rear fingerprint scanner on the G6 is lightning fast and I find it to be just about 100 percent accurate. The only difference is that they don't include any of the garbage carrier bloatware - so they have the cleanest version of Samsung's skin you'll find - and they are unlocked out of the box, which means they work on all of the U.S. carriers.

As many predict Samsung is likely to have the new phablet go official slightly ahead of the IFA 2017 exhibition, talks are rampant, with some design and specifications of the upcoming gadget already leaked.

The latest and greatest from Samsung, the S8 also features a single-lens camera setup with a 12-Megapixel camera at the back.

Samsung's SoundAssistant app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. Mujjo also says the leather on the case will age gracefully, but we have yet to see this claim spring to life.

With smartphones being launched with dual camera setups all over, you would expect the market leader in the segment to jump onto the bandwagon sooner or later. I love not having to mess with cables to top off my phone.

So we can safely assume it won't make the initial time frame. The LG G6 has an internal plate created to spread the effects of shock while also providing rounded corners and an alumimum frame around the outside of the edges. Most phones look the same and more or less do the same thing, incrementally improving core functionality year on year. It assists you with a number of simple but meaningful sound settings and customizations your operating system doesn't support by default.

The Blackberry KEYone isn't the only fresh unlocked United States phone to hit general availability today.