Here's Everything Shown During EA Play at E3 2017

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Welcome to the craziest week of the year for the video game industry!

E3 2017 is off to a pretty nice start with a series of showcases from EA. Brady, of course, is on the cover of Madden NFL 18, which has a story mode, Long Shot, built into the sport sim.

While there was nothing particularly earth-shattering, the mix of annual sports games and new IPs did enough to impress.

EA Sports is working to rebuild the profile of its basketball game. They can use these points to upgrade their characters, and when the demo arrives in August, players will be able to check out The One mode and port any progress they make to the final game.

The EA Play of this year's E3 didn't have a single game that spiked in mentions on social media, according to analytics company. "In the Name of the Tsar" will be released in September. We also received an action-packed and stunning Need For Speed Payback trailer. EA's trailer showed the story's main characters who will drive cars really, really fast to thwart the machinations of a crime syndicate. It is nice to see it is getting new content and the support that it should be getting from the developers and publisher.

Recent leaks have indicated that Bioware's Project Dylan will have a 45 second worldwide reveal teaser while the core development team behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will have their next game A Way Out revealed. The expansion features 6 new maps, these also include night maps and there will also be some new units and weapons added to the game. Drawing inspiration from FIFA's The Journey mode, players will progress throughout an extensive narrative as their characters attempt to jumpstart their National Football League career.

The live event at EA Play ended with nearly 30 minutes of attention on Star Wars Battlefront II, including a llve multiplayer demo with 40 players in the Palladium going head to head. It looks like EA listened to the fans.

Star Wars Battlefront is a good example of what Wilkinson was talking about. Featuring real-world courts and a new story, players will be taking their skills from the street to the stadium. Additionally, new story footage highlighted the adventure of elite imperial officer Iden Versio. That update, and all updates to the game, will be free for all people who own the game.