Donald Trump faces new lawsuit over business empire

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The attorneys general of Maryland and D.C., both Democrats, have scheduled a news conference for noon ET in Washington.

A signed copy of the lawsuit provided to the Post accuses Trump of "unprecedented constitutional violations", and says that the integrity of the USA political system has been undermined by a president "deeply enmeshed with a legion of foreign and domestic government actors". But this is the first one presented by government entities. The litigation is similar to a case filed this year by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, a Washington watchdog group.

It says that despite shifting his business empire into a trust run by his sons, his ownership made the president "deeply enmeshed with a legion of foreign and domestic government actors", the report says. For instance, the president still receives routine updates on the company's finances. Gen. Brian Frosh plan to announce what they call a "major lawsuit" Monday against the president. The entrance to the Trump International Hotel in D.C. was splashed with guerilla art in May, suggesting that foreign guest could drop off bribes inside. The lawsuit will claim that the President, by taking millions of dollars in payments to his businesses, has violated an anticorruption clause in the US Constitution.

Aside from the issue of the foreign payments ban, Maryland and Washington complain that the presence of a Trump hotel hurts competing hotels in their jurisdictions.

"In the emoluments clauses, we have these ancient air bags that were placed in the Constitution by the framers that are now being deployed", said Eisen, who has been advising the District and Maryland on their suit. It will argue that the U.S. General Services Administration wrongly allowed Trump's company to continue to lease the Old Post Office building, where Trump built his D.C. hotel, even though a clause in the contract said no elected official could remain on the lease. The justice department is seeking to have the suit dismissed.