Director: 'Wonder Woman' a 'hero' for all

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The remainder of "Wonder Woman" deals with Diana's journey from warrior princess to war hero as she returns to the front with Trevor to join his rag-tag band of special operatives who will lead her to Ares, the God of War, whose destruction - she believes - will bring an end to all conflict. And the director should have more leverage than either of them, given the pretty widespread notion that her movie has "saved" the DCEU - which, you'll remember, DC was hoping Suicide Squad would do. Seeing the US premiere of the new feature film in Los Angeles with friend and entrepreneur Amy Rees Anderson last month was a long time coming. And she's already been talking a great deal about what she wants to do with the Wonder Woman sequel and how excited she is to do one. He also has to be changed by Wonder Woman.

Contrary to previous reports, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has not signed on to direct a sequel.

Amy Rees Anderson, founder of REES Capital and the IPOP Foundation, agreed that the film matters just as much to young men as it does to young women.

Wonder Woman is now screening in cinemas. Her collection began with her career almost 20 years ago, when she began keeping a Wonder Woman doll on her desk to remind herself that she was capable of being an entrepreneur.

When a comic book movie is as unquestionably successful as Wonder Woman, you can't help but wonder what this means for a sequel...

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you", Gadot starts out in the video. Much of the hullaballoo, however, comes from the assertion that Wonder Woman will empower women and encourage the positive "representation" of women that is supposedly so rare in Hollywood. But women superheroes or strong women characters had to be, 'I don't need anyone, I'm the toughest person in the world.' That's not fair to anybody. At one point, Diana and her company enter a dark and intense battlefield called "No Man's Land" that has seen numerous casualties over a year's time and Tervor informs her is unwinnable. Now she interns at the Deseret News in the Arts and Entertainment section.