Jim Carrey defends Kathy Griffin after fallout from gruesome Trump picture

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CNN had earlier called the picture "disgusting and offensive", and said it was "evaluating" its annual New Year's Eve coverage, which Ms Griffin co-hosted for a decade with Mr Anderson Cooper.

"If you step out into that spotlight and you are doing the insane things that [Trump is] doing", the actor continued, "we [comedians] are the last line of defense". Her snark is meant to emulate her late mentor, notorious fashion critic and comedian Joan Rivers, and has earned her labels as a "professional trash talker" and "relentless publicity seeker".

The condemnation was widespread and consequences swift, as Griffin issued an apology and was sacked from her CNN gig the day after. Yet, Griffin crossed the line too far and demonstrated there is still a line that can't be crossed, way; way out there and she managed to get there with a lot of help from Shields.

In a statement sent to Fox News, Squatty Potty CEO Bobby Edwards said: "We were shocked and disappointed to learn about the image Ms. Griffin shared today, it was deeply inappropriate and runs contrary to the core values our company stands for".

Kathy Griffin was sacked from her job at CNN for her controversial photo shoot with Tyler Shields.

"I wanted to ask about Ted Nugent who joked multiple times about assassinating President Barack Obama, who said Hillary Clinton should be hanged".

"I was standing beside him with a club in my hand, and I was considering my options when I suddenly woke up". "But I've taken up golf anyway".

Griffin ended up apologizing profusely in an Instagram video after being slammed by both conservatives and liberals!

"I'd have to look back and see what those statements were and what the reaction was at the time", Spicer said.

"I am a true supporter of free speech, but feel Kathy crossed the line", Edwards added.

"I'm just gonna go home and eat my ice cream and hide out", he told the TMZ cameraman as he pulled away from the grocery store.

"Like, the littlest things get under his skin and so even though I'm a comic he's not going to take it in the spirit which it's intended", Griffin told Billboard.

"Don't worry about it, don't worry for your existence. So relieved about that", he said. I understand how it offends people.