Sony ends production of PS3 in Japan

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Although Sony has yet to officially announce these two PS4 titles for PlayStation Plus subscribers, it's likely that the Japanese tech giant is saving the announcement until the last Wednesday of the month. The changelog simply mentions that this update brings stability and overall performance improvements for the console.

With this year's E3 being the first time the general public are able to get tickets, Sony is no doubt wanting to be the most prominent presence there. The PS3 saw some unusual releases (remember that Lost game?), but overall it maintained an impressive lineup that keeps gamers entertained to this day. The device did best in Japan where it was the dominant console, in the West, however, faced stiff competition from Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Even though there might be some things Sony could have done to make the launch of the console run a lot smoother, one thing is for certain: The PlayStation 3 was something special. Wikipedia lists 1,433 PS3 games released or to be released on Blu-ray disc for PlayStation 3.

Not a bad slate of free games.

There have been some suggestions that PlayStation Plus could include PlayStation VR games at some stage in the future.

As of now, the official patch for the update are here as the update went live. It has been manufactured for about 10 years which is more than enough for Sony to be proud about.

According to a photo published on Reddit, Sony would soon market a new color of its console, the PlayStation 4 Slim Gold Edition. Does this also mean that there is a move by Sony towards the PS5? Other reports indicate that it will be shipping close to 18 million units of PS4.

Sony has not revealed any details about the rumored Vita successor being called PlayStation Vita 2.

At this time, it isn't clear if shipments for the PS3 is going to end for the American and European markets as well. That said, the PS2 still remains top-selling the PlayStation console with over 155 million units sold.