Mario and Rabbids will unite in autumn Switch release

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Nintendo and Namco Bandai continue teaming up to create new Mario Kart games for the arcade. All of Deluxe's extra bells and whistles are a nice bonus for fans, but the game's dedication to accessibility is a victory for everyone.

The Wii U has made its home in the negative light. While this wasn't a totally brand new release, the Deluxe edition does feature some nice upgrades over the original Wii U version of Mario Kart 8 and it appears this has swiftly garnered it some popularity.

There's still some artificial roadblocks when it comes to unlocking content, though.

It works like this: do a little hop as you move into a turn and your kart will start to drift, releasing a burst of colored sparks behind it. The Wii U had become a giant DS. There's also a frantic new mode called Renegade Roundup that's a solid, unique addition.

There's a tweet going around that highlights the inherent weirdness of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. And while it was never mentioned or hinted at by Nintendo another source is now also claiming it's real.

This tool allows the game to help gamers out with automated steering or acceleration, but when enabled it only succeeds in draining the fun from the game. I'd buy that for the switch in a heartbeat. It may seem trivial, but that rumble is still one of my favorite Nintendo Switch features. Here are some of our suggestions for the best kart for each play style, from personal experience and testing. The lack of Third-party games hasn't actually affected the popularity and sales of the Nintendo Switch at all.

If this concept is new to you and you can't help but think that this all sounds a little odd, take comfort in the fact that these games have always prided themselves on their strangeness.

Sound work boasts the cheery, infectious collection of melodies you have come to know and expect from all Mario titles.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom is said to have an August/September release date for Nintendo Switch, and will be unveiled during Ubisoft's E3 press conference. While not as popular as the massively successful Breath of the Wild, Nintendo's latest first-party Switch game is off to a roaring success.

Upside: Still a top-notch kart racer, Battle Mode much improved.