Microsoft Considering Subscription Service for Single-Player Games

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The first shows a scientist in a steampunk lab.

These demo images compare what a game on Xbox One would look like against the Project Scorpio version, which runs all the way up to 4K.

On MSFT reported that a listing for Microsoft's Project Scorpio has been spotted on the Spanish online store which lists the launch price of the console as 399.99 Euros or around US$430.

According to Express, the Xbox Scorpio's games list could be a bit short of incredible and revolutionary once it officially releases, following confirmation that there will be no new triple-A Halo games launching for Xbox One this year.

Microsoft created them to show video game artists how easily they can create game enhancements in hours by performing a straight port from Xbox One to Project Scorpio.

Left half: Xbox One at 1080p. These stills capture both native 4K gaming and the visual improvements that will be possible for Xbox One games on 1080p TV displays. You'll have to hit up the source link below to see close-up side-by-side comparisons of the two (complete with fancy sliders), but there are immediate benefits to the detail in the character model's face and hair along with noticeably sharpened backgrounds.

But away from the updates, the biggest problem with the Xbox One's ecosystem, as it now stands, is its interface.

One of the most unique things about Project Scorpio is that it'll run all existing Xbox One games better without any kind of upgrades, downloads or updates. It's a shame this is just a tech demo and not a real game.

Earlier this month, Microsoft finally revealed everything we wanted to know about Project Scorpio, confirming that the new hardware will be the most powerful gaming console in the market later this year.

Have you received the bug on your Xbox One?

We expect devs to do some wonderful things with Microsoft's new 4K Xbox, and Microsoft will no-doubt showcase some impressive surprises at E3 2017.

Xbox Scorpio could have a huge problem when the holiday 2017 release date rolls around.

"The tech site also has images of what the upgraded console can do using the exact same assets, over varying resolution displays", explained GameSpot in more layman's terms.